Kevin Ewchuk - Builder Account Manager

Kevin was born and raised right here in Edmonton. He can't see himself ever leaving his family and friends - unless it was to go live on a beach!

Kevin entered the construction sales industry out of high school in 2005, with Ronco Doors. Growing up, he was always interested in blue prints and floor plans and Ronco offered the opportunity to deal with these in a practical setting.

"Since I was 10, I've been more interested in using the computer for programs like ‘Home Design 3D’ instead of regular computer games for kids my age."

In 2010, Kevin took a chance on an advertisement by Ashley Fine Floors for a Sales & Design Consultant. He relished the opportunity to mix his passion for architecture with his other passion - interior design. Kevin then joined the team at Icon Flooring by referral from Kim Stenson.

Kevin excels at helping customers to visualize the whole job during a selection. It can be difficult to look at samples and see the bigger picture, and Kevin eases his clients' nerves by enabling them to see their vision before it becomes a reality. He is known in the industry for his excellent account management and creative interior design. Kevin loves putting together the individual details and watching them come together during the build process.

Personally, Kevin is passionate about homes, cars, and tropical vacations. He enjoys viewing different architectural styles. He visited Portland, OR in December of 2015 and was ecstatic to walk around the city - he felt like the buildings came straight from a magazine. Kevin also loves attending the annual Autoshow, he hasn't missed a show in 10 years! He loves seeing the different models and new features that auto manufacturers come up with.

During his down time, Kevin is most often found relaxing in his new hot tub with a cocktail. On Sunday afternoons, you can find him going from showhome to showhome; appreciating the new styles and gathering ideas from which to draw new inspiration.

"It would be impossible to give up my annual vacations. Nothing is better than soaking in the sun with a cocktail in my hand, and not a worry or care in my mind."

Kevin is a spectacular co-worker and employee. He brings fun and laughter to Icon Flooring.