John Anderson

John Anderson

John Anderson - Hardwood Specialist

John grew up in Edmonton, AB. He joined the Icon Flooring Service Team last year as our resident Hardwood Specialist. John has ten years of experience installing solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, cork, and leather. Professionally, he is known as a great installer who can do anything. Personally, he loves golf.

"My favourite thing about working at Icon Flooring is the amazing people that I work with."

John's favourite product is walnut; he installed it in his own home. He loves the Oilers and playing ping pong with the other members of the Service Team.

John's smile, positive attitude, hands-on experience, and vast industry knowledge leave his customers happy after each service call. He takes pride in problem solving to ensure that any and all issues are dealt with in a manner that satisfies all parties involved.

John is most frequently asked questions about humidity: "The appropriate humidity should lie somewhere between 30% - 60%."

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